About Us

Our Mission

Educate. Entertain. Empower.

Never underestimate the power of children, their desire to learn, their need to understand nor their will to help.

Kids Think Big LLC brings big ideas to children via responsible printing and empowers them with knowledge at every age.

Who We Are

Jeanine Behr Getz

Jeanine Behr Getz


“I continue to be excited about our award winning Think Green! book and sharing its messages with our youngest generations since I wrote it and started our world wide environmental literacy campaign almost 10 years ago.

Our company, Kids Think Big, has also continued to grow over the years, we are recognized habitat and children’s health advocates, provide eco product replacement solutions and eco consulting to consumers, brands and businesses.

My daughter and all young people and a healthy future continue to inspire me hence making Think Green! and Kids Think Big’s work more important and satisfying.                                                

I hope you enjoy reading Think Green!, our KTB blog and visit our KTB shop. Every personal change you make counts!”

Jeanine has been awarded The Solar One Sustainability Achievement AwardThe Garden Club of America’s Conservation Award, was named a Connecticut Green Woman by CT GreenScene.

Jenny Nightingale

Jenny Nightingale


“It’s a really worthwhile and enjoyable book, which carries such an important message. It is our responsibility and pleasure to look after the world we have been given, and it’s great to encourage children in this.”

Jen’s characters, bright and quirky images mark her work and make you smile. She has worked as a freelance illustrator since 2000 for a number of clients including book publishers, design companies, product manufacturers, organizations and individuals. Illustration is a big passion for her, and she loves to see both children and adults reacting with chuckles and amusement at her work! Jen has really enjoyed working on Think Green!

You can see more of Jen’s work at www.jennynightingale.co.uk.